How To Create Your DVD

1. Copy DVD to DVD,
1.1 if original DVD is less than 4,7 GB, copy 1 on 1 with Clone DVD
'Copy DVD Titles'
(if DVD is copy protected go to 1.3)

1.2 if original DVD is larger than 4,7 GB
1.3 use Super DVD Copy to rip original DVD, (no split)
1.4 then burn DVD with Clone DVD(choose what you want to burn,
leaving extra's out will better the quality of the movie,
see the 'red to green'-bar... green being the better quality)

2. make DVD from AVI(DivX, Xvid)/Mpg2 File(s)

(I expect you have all your codecs installed....)

2.1 start Cucusoft Avi to DVD converter,
choose Avi to DVD, in Merge/Join Add AVI file(s)
select PAL, add subtitles(make sure to name them the same as the avi,
and are in the same directory!!)
keep aspect ratio
(ignore Xvid errors, click ok, it seems to work fine)

2.2 now you will have mpg2 files which you will have to convert to
VOB BUP and IFO files for the DVD

3. convert MPG2 file(s)s to DVD(VOB BUP and IFO files)

3.1 start TMPGEncDVDAuthor16
in Source Setup, Add (the Mpg2) file(s)
name the menu's/titles/tracks
go to Output, and click on Begin Output

3.2 all the needed files will be in one directory,
(to check if the conversion went OK, you can play the VOB files
and see if audio and video match... I use PowerDVD to play them)
to make the DVD: burn DVD with Clone DVD, make sure to choose
the directory in which you have saved the VOB BUP and IFO files

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