How To use PC internet on Nokia via Bluetooth

With this tutorial, you will learn how to make your Symbian Series 60 (WAP 2.0) phone use your pc's internet connection via bluetooth. The advantages of this are that when your phone is within bluetooth range of your computer, you will have FREE and UNLIMITED mobile internet!!


1) a Symbian Series 60 phone with WAP 2.0 (Nokia 6600 or 7610 *only* for now) 2) an Internet Router (LAN) 3) Patience! 4) Follow this tutorial in its order GIVEN because some parts can only be done before others and vice versa.

What to do on your phone

1) Download the latest Nokia PC Suite for your phone. For the 6600, it has its own PC Suite which you can find on Nokia.com. For the 7610, download its own PC Suite (whatever it is) from the 7610
2) In your PC Suite, make a new profile/access point/WAP Connection profile (called Access Point in your phone). In the new profile here are the settings that you should change. The rest don't touch.
Set the name to "Bt" (no quotation marks). The capitilization of the B is necessary.
3) The Data Bearer should be GSM Data/HSCSD
4) The Dial-up number must be something, but it can be anything except nothing (make sure you put something in the field)
5) The User name must be a user name on your computer when you log in.
6) The password is the password of your username that you entered for the username. If the username has no password, MAKE AND ACTIVATE ONE (it's mandatory for this) via Control Panel --> User Accounts.
7) Authentication: Normal
8) Use PPP Compression: YES
9) Use Login Script: YES
10) Login Script. This is why you are using PC Suite and not just entering this into your phone directly, the script is complicated. Copy this DIRECTLY and make sure it's IDENTICAL to this script in your profile:
CHARMAP [windows-1252]
SEND "CLIENT"+<0x0d>
EXIT KErrNoAnswer$

11) Save this new Remote Connection (Access point) to your phone via PC Suite.
12) Download gnubox.sis from here
13) Install gnubox into your phone.

You are ALMOST done with your phone settings :)... the last settings will have to be done AFTER the rest of these instructions.

What to do on your PC

1) Make sure you deactivate the Bluetooth COM Port that mRouter is using to connect to your phone. OR, just make sure that you stop Connection Manager from using your phone through bluetooth period- just uncheck bluetooth as a connection option there.
2) Go to Control Panel --> Phone and Modem Options --> Modems --> New. On the first page of the modem installation, CHECK "I will select from a list".
3) Choose "Communications cable between 2 Computers" from the "(Standard Modem Types)" list.
4) Select the COM Port to be the COM Port that your phone connects to via Bluetooth Serial Port.
5) Once you're done and brought back to your modems list, highlight the new modem, click "Properties", and make sure your modem is at the highest speed: 115200 bytes/second.
6) Now, go to Control Panel --> Network Connections. Select "Create a New Connection" from the left margin (it'll start up a wizard).
7) Choose "Set up an Advanced Connection", then "Next".
8) Choose "Accept incoming connections", then "Next".
9) Check the “Communications cable between two computers” modem that you creating, then "Next".
10) Select "Do not allow virtual private connections", then "Next".
11) Check the username that you select in your phone setup step 5, then click "Next".
12) Make sure all options are checked in the list, then highlight "Internet Protocall TCP/IP" and then click "Properties". Click "Specify TCP/IP Addresses" and input this range:
From: To: Now click OK, then Next, and then Finish the wizard. You will return to Network Connections.
13) If you have a connection called "Bluetooth Network" in Network Connections, right-click on it and click "Disable". It should be greyed out now.
14) Run cmd.exe which is found in Start Menu --> Programs/All Programs --> Accessories --> Command Prompt.
15) Enter these commands into cmd.exe after reading 15b.
netsh router ip nat install
netsh router ip nat add interface "YOUR LAN INTERFACE NAME OR NETWORK BRIDGE NAME" full
netsh router ip nat add interface Internal private
15b) -Wait for cmd.exe to load that command and then let you enter a new command. Do the same for the all of the commands.
-Try entering every LAN connection name IN the quotation marks and including them in the command in Network Connections until cmd.exe actually executes the command. The name that I found out that I had to input was my network bridge name which is basically its title.
-Internal should be spelled in the language that your computer uses!!!!

BACK to your phone settings (you must only do this after configuring steps 1-13 in phone settings and all of the steps in the computer settings!!!)

14) Run gnubox.
15) In gnubox, go to Options --> 2box direct --> Bluetooth. Then, select your computer once Bluetooth searches and finds it.
16) Make sure your computer is on and working, you followed all of the steps shown IN THE ORDER THEY WERE GIVEN IN. Go into Web/Services --> Options --> Settings --> Default Access Point. Select your new access point/profile thingy which is "Bt".
17) YOU ARE DONE!!!!!!!!!! Simply go onto the internet on your phone now, and once you connect, your computer will make a Connection sound (it's kinda mystical-ish). You MAY get an error stating that your script is invalid, but then your phone will continue to try to connect and you will (it happened to me MANY times

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